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Hayley & Richard – ‘Love is Back’

When their Lanzarote wedding celebrations were postponed yet again, Hayley and Richard decided to have  a small, intimate ceremony in their home city of Leeds. With UK government guidelines still in place limiting them to a maximum of 30 guests, the couple decided to get married in Leeds Civic Hall followed by a celebratory dinner with their loved ones at Dakota

Hayley got in touch a few months before their wedding date, eager to have Florence for the journey from their home in Guiseley to the centre of Leeds. Although their wedding day was going to be a lot different from what they had planned, Hayley was keen to make it special. And her flower girl’s name was Florence, so it seemed meant to be!  

Hayley loved the photos on my Instagram of the floral garlands that Perfect Bouquet Full of Flowers had made for the Urban Wedding Fayre I’d attended in Manchester. Hayley commissioned Evie Rose Bridal Vines to make her two artificial floral garlands, using similar colours. 

No other decorations were needed other than the wicker picnic basket on the luggage rack – we let the stunning garlands be the talking point! One on the front just below the windscreen, and one on the rear bumper and that was all, but the results were stunning!

It was a hot June day although the drive into Leeds was a bit windy! Plenty of admirers and well-wishers along the way, I always like to give them a little ‘beep’ on the way past… 

And the attention didn’t stop in the centre of Leeds – students, local shoppers and those just out enjoying the sunshine were keen to snap a pic of Florence looking gorgeous! 

Hayley and Richard had photos taken by Sarah Beth Photography and she has kindly shared some of those with me. And of course, some were taken of flower girl Florence in Florence! Florence was super-keen to have her turn in the driving seat, beeping the horn, much to the amusement of the wedding guests! She did take some persuading to get out, I think there was some bribery involving ice-cream… 

Again, it was lovely to see a couple making the most of their day, even if there was some disappointment that their original plans couldn’t go ahead. I’m hoping that all is well for their post-wedding celebrations in Lanzarote in 2022! 

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