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Jenny & Adam – ‘Love Will Find A Way’

Like so many couples during 2020, Jenny & Adam’s dream wedding was sadly postponed. And faced with an impossible choice, Jenny & Adam decided to have a small registry office wedding in Salford. This meant only having a handful of family and friends attending, while their celebrations in Italy remain on hold.

With little time to prepare, Jenny’s close friend Joanne contacted me to ask if Florence was available to take Jenny and her dad to the registry office. Joanne wanted it to be a surprise, and said it would bring a little flavour of Italy to their day, which seemed very fitting as they had been due to get married in Sorrento. I was more than happy to help, and made plans to make the journey as Covid-secure as possible. Florence was meticulously cleaned inside and out, and I made sure that the interior, door handles , touch surfaces were cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes after each journey.


Jenny was ecstatic when she came out from the house and saw Florence! It was quite an emotional moment for her and her dad. We set off to Salford town hall, and it was great to see so many people waving and smiling on the way, I gave them a little ‘toot’ on the horn each time…

We arrived at the town hall, and it was quite amusing as Adam and his best man had arrived in a big American sports car, so Florence looked very tiny next to it!

While Jenny and Adam were getting married, I gave Florence a clean inside again, including the door handles too, and put the ‘Just Married’ sign on the wicker basket.

As they came out, I joined their family and friends in throwing confetti (socially distanced, of course) and it was time for some photos while they enjoyed a celebratory glass of champagne. Fortunately it was a dry October autumn day so I opened the roof for them to get the obligatory open roof shot!

Then it was time to take them to the their house for them to enjoy a low-key celebratory dinner.

Even though it was very low-key, it was one of the nicest weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend.

There was a real sense that the couple’s closest family and friends were celebrating with them, although tinged with sadness that some people weren’t there. Everyone was determined to make it special for the happy couple. My fingers are crossed that they will be able to have their post-wedding celebration in Italy very soon.

I really do think that we will see more smaller, more intimate weddings in the future.

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